Work in progress

We are currently involved in some large projects that limit the time we get to spend on our own internal development. Please check out the Communications Page or use the contact form to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing your ideas.


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The Brilliant Idea is a collection of technologists, developers, designers and big thinkers. We are philosophers who ponder the development of new information and technologies. We are determined to have a positive impact in our own lives, society and our world in general. Collectively we have built a set of methodologies to distill existing works down to core principles and rebuild them in disruptive ways to create new brilliant processes and products.

What We Do

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Our passion is helping organizations curate their ideas to produce products and offerings that greatly exceed the original expectations. We apply our methodologies and best practices to problems or opportunities and create amazing products. Whether we are designing new services, business models, software or hardware, we want to push the envelope of existing ideas and create brilliance.